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Jane Mack

Jane Mack of Richmond began her amateur golf career as a teenager, taking lessons at Willow Oaks Country Club.  An active member of the Virginia State Golf Association (VSGA), Mack notably won four state Women’s Amateur Championships (1977-78-82-92) over a three-decade span.  She competed on the Virginia-Carolinas team from 1967-73, 1976-88 and 1990-97, captaining the team twice.  Mack has also played in three U. S. Opens, three U. S. Amateurs and numerous Trans-National championships.  In 2000, she was named one of the “Four Aces” of Virginia women’s golf, along with Robbye King Unger, Lily Harper Martin and Mary Patton Janssen.  Mack has contributed greatly to golf advocacy in Richmond and throughout Virginia, working closely with the VSGA on course ratings and rules.

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