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The mission of the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame is to serve as a non-profit resource which celebrates athletic excellence in the Commonwealth of Virginia, highlighting philanthropy through sports, while inspiring sports fans through programming and engaging entertainment.

Here at the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame, we live by three core values; Recognition, Impact, and Integrity. Recognition focuses on how we celebrate our inductees and sports in Virginia, through events, content, and exhibit presences. Impact consists of how we use sports as a platform for good, with a focus on support for youth athletes. Integrity is highlighted in how we serve our role as the official Sports Hall of Fame for Commonwealth of Virginia. Each of these values are supported by principles that guide the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame, and you can view those below.

Core Values


Legacy – honoring our inductees and their accomplishments.
Commitment – to celebrating the past, present, and future of sports in Virginia.
Entertain – through sports focused events and content.


Community – promoting the benefits of sports participation through community focused initiatives.
Opportunity – supporting access to sports opportunities
Educate – providing education for youth athletes to be their best mentally and physically.


Respect – for our processes in selecting new inductees, as well as board and committee members.
Excellence – in serving our role as the Official Sports Hall of Fame in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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