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Fletcher Arritt

Fletcher Arritt was born into a family that was serious about athletics, academics, and their Christian faith, learning the value of competition and the dedication it took to be successful. Arritt attended Fork Union Military Academy in Fork Union, Virginia where he earned the role of the basketball team’s co-captain. His basketball skills earned him a scholarship to the University of Virginia where he played on the varsity teams of 1962-63 and 1963-64. After receiving both his B.S. degree in Biology and a M.Ed. degree in Human Biology, he returned to Fork Union Military Academy in the spring of 1966 as a biology teacher. In 1970, he took over as the head postgraduate basketball coach at Fork Union, after four years under Coach Bill Miller’s tutelage. Arritt became one of the most successful basketball coaches in the country, with 400 players going on to play in college, 200 of them at the Division 1 level, and dozens going on to professional careers in basketball. Fork Union won over 75 percent of its games during Arritt’s tenure. After 46 years at the helm, Arritt compiled a career record of 890 wins and 283 losses.

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