Hall of Fame, Suffolk Auto Dealers bring Jump Start Program back to Suffolk Schools

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Education Foundation, and the Suffolk Automotive Dealers Association have teamed up for the second consecutive year to bring the “Jump Start” program to Suffolk Elementary Schools. The Jump Start program is an action-packed educational resource program that focuses on different Virginia Standards of Learning strands and incorporatesthem with physical activity and math skills.Fourth and fifth grade students at eleven Suffolk Public Schools will participate in the program that engages students in exciting and interactive ways.
Jump Start uses kinesthetic learning by having students carry out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or by watching demonstrations. Kinesthetic learning will help students learn concepts, rather than taking the conventional way of repeating facts back to the teacher. Students will review math concepts such as equivalent fractions, elapsed time, number sense, place values, data collecting, money sense and geometry in the Jump Start program.

Hall of Fame President Eddie Webb, and Representatives from the Suffolk
Automotive Dealers Association, 2016

“The Jump Start Program was put together to help students get started on the right foot this academic year,” says Education Coordinator Elaina Trafny. “We created an engaging and energetic learning environment that combines physical activity and math so students can be a part of a positive and memorable learning experience, and bring that excitement back to their classroom.”

The individual car dealerships participating in the Jump Start program are Barton Ford Suffolk, Duke Automotive, First Team Subaru and Kia, Mike Duman Auto Sales, and Starr Motors.

“We are so thankful to the Suffolk Auto Dealers Association for continuing their partnership with the Hall of Fame on the Jump Start program,” says Hall of Fame President Eddie Webb. “It is because of their support that we are able to get to as many schools as we are.”

The Jump Start program will take place in Suffolk Elementary schools between October 23rd and November 28th. Participating schools are as follows; Hillpoint Elementary, Nansemond Parkway, Booker T. Washington, Creekside, Oakland, Pioneer, Mack Benn Jr. , Elephants Fork, Driver, Kilby Shores, and Northern Shores.

For more information about the Jump Start program, contact Education Coordinator Elaina Trafny at trafnye@VaSportsHOF.com or by phone at 757-800-1555.

About the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Education Foundation:

The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame’s education initiative brings innovative thinking and practical hands-on learning to classrooms across Virginia, in particular helping low-income students through our foundation. We show students how math and science impacts how games are played (the rules), and performance is calculated (statistics). Through these methods, we are able to show students that sports goes beyond the skill set of an athlete. It integrates movement with education to teach academic subjects while creating memorable learning experiences. For more information, go to www.VaSportsHOF.com

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