Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Debuts Free Pedestrian Tour at Town Center,
and Presents Hoos on First


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Virginia Beach is now officially the new home of the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame.

The more than half century old organization, which honors athletes, coaches, administrators and journalists, debuted a novel free pedestrian tour called “Walk the Hall” on February 5. Councilman Jim Wood joined representatives of the Central Business District Association, Armada Hoffler, Divaris Real Estate, Department of Economic Development and the Hall of Fame during a ceremony in the lobby of the Clark-Nexsen Tower, where the names of more than 300 inductees are listed on a beautiful wall display called the Hall of Honor.



The public is invited to take the tour during normal business hours or on Saturday mornings, starting at Clark-Nexsen or in the following lobbies: 

Armada Hoffler Tower (College Champions), One Columbus (Virginia’s Golf Masters), Two Columbus (Virginia Coaching Legends), 249 Central Park Avenue (Virginians in National Hall of Fames) and Westin Hotel (The Year in Sports Photography exhibit). Bring your smart phone and point the camera or QR code scanner at a QR code on each display to view an introductory video from a famous Virginia-born sports figure. Additional displays will go up so in select Virginia Beach rec centers.


After Walk the Hall was unveiled, the Hall of Fame hosted a baseball program, Hoos on First, in front of a sellout crowd of over 300, and hundreds more watching the Hall’s first Facebook Live broadcast. The program, which took place at the Funny Bone Comedy Club, featured three current Major League Baseball players from Virginia Beach, “Hoo” all played college baseball at the University of Virginia– Ryan Zimmerman, Chris Taylor and Mark Reynolds. All three talked about their various experiences over the course of their MLB careers, which have included numerous ups, downs, and uncertainties. The insights and stories captivated the audience, and even generated a few laughs throughout the course of the evening.


The Hall of Fame would like to thank its partners for Hoos on First:


Additional thanks goes out to for the Facebook Live broadcast, and Jpixx for the photos.


Hoos on First Quotes

Ryan Zimmerman on the Nationals playoff history

“It’s hard to win the World Series…Everyone talks about how unsuccessful we’ve been, and talks about how we can’t get out of the first round. I’ve been here a long time, and let me tell you, these last 6-years have not been unsuccessful.”

Zimmerman on the Nationals new manager, Dave Martinez

“Not too many times do you get to come into an organization as a new manager with a team that is supposed to win 90-some games. Usually when they fire the manager, the team is going in the wrong direction, but this team is definitely going in the right direction.”

Zimmerman on the number of quality players that have come from Hampton Roads

“Everybody always asks how it happened, and nobody really knows the answer. I think we were very lucky to have great coaching in that area, and honestly playing against each other…you only get better by playing against good competition.”

Zimmerman on the 2018 All-Star game being played at Nationals Park

“My mom couldn’t make it down to Miami last year, so she said it’s easy to make it, you just have to do it back to back years so I can come and see you.”

Mark Reynolds on changing teams (Reynolds has played for 7 different teams)

“Every day is like the first day of school. I got to go in and meet new guys, meet new people…figure out where I’m going to be in the clubhouse. Who I’m not going to like…normally closers.”

Reynolds on his lengthy career, now entering his 12th season

“There’s nothing better than competition, I thrive on it, I love it, and to be able to go out and play against guys like CT (Chris Taylor) and the Dodgers, I thoroughly enjoy it.”

Reynolds on where he sees himself playing next season

“You know I see myself playing centerfield for the Dodgers, or shortstop, or second…wherever he plays, I want his job.” (Reynolds was referring to all of the positons Chris Taylor played for the Dodgers last year).

Chris Taylor on his success in 2017

“Going into spring training there weren’t that many spots open so things had to happen for me to get that opportunity, and I was fortunate to take advantage of it.”

Reynolds on the Virginia Beach and UVA connections with Chris Taylor

“Him (Taylor) playing against the Rockies, and us against the Dodgers all year long, he was on base every time and I’m just wearing him out with questions about Virginia Beach and UVA. It was awesome.”

Taylor/Reynolds on Taylor’s walk off hit to send UVA to the College World Series. Taylor’s favorite UVA memory

Taylor – “Mine’s easy. I had a walk-off hit my sophomore year to send the team to the College World Series.”

Reynolds – “We had tv’s on our Delta jet and I have everyone on the team watching the game…We had all the tv’s on the Super Regionals, and when he (Taylor) got the hit I had everyone cheering for me, and they erupted on our jet. It was unbelievable.”

Reynolds on the support he receives from his parents

“To be fortunate enough to have parents that were always there, always drove me to practice, drove me to tournaments, flew me across the country to do showcases…I’m unbelievably blessed for that.”

Taylor on meeting legendary Dodgers broadcaster, Vin Scully

“It was weird because you only ever hear that voice on tv, so meeting him in person is a little different, but it was cool just to be a part of his last season announcing with the Dodgers. That’s something I’ll never forget.”

Taylor on what motivates him

“I’ve always played with a little bit of a chip on my shoulder no matter what stage of my career…I was always one of the smallest kids on my team. That kind of gave me that attitude that I always felt I had to prove myself.”