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VSHF Education Programs Hit the Road !

The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame’s Education Department—with support from our Education Foundation—is hitting the road with the mission to bring innovative thinking and practical, hands-on learning to classrooms across Virginia. For the last several years, the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame has provided outreach and enrichment services to teachers and students across the Commonwealth of Virginia that have challenged and engaged students with out-of-the-box thinking and practicality

Working in partnership with schools and teachers in the surrounding areas, our Education Department has created a broad range of classroom curriculum resources and programs which have enhanced the classroom experience for over 15,000 students last year alone

We use sports to
stimulate student’s interest in science, technology,
art & math

Using sports as the vehicle to drive our mission, we show students how and why lessons learned in the classroom are applied to everyday life. We demonstrate that sports go beyond skill, and how math and science play important roles in sports success.

The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame offers education programs for students of all ages! Our wide program selection ranges from Pre-Kindergarten to High School. These exciting programs align with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) guidelines for specific grade levels.

Additionally, through our education programs, we stimulate students’ interests in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, math (STEAM) as well as character development. Our teaching style is unique. We do not encourage passivity in the classroom. The majority of our education programs, especially our Math Academy, involve movement and physical activity.

While this style of teaching aligns with the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame’s overarching emphasis on sports and game-play while making learning fun for students, it also provides an important, and often overlooked, alternative to traditional learning.
Kinesthetic learning is exactly that alternative.

Why Kinesthetic Learning

Students are able to learn through physical activity and real life experience (Sims & Sims, 1995)
We embrace this style of learning, utilizing both physical movement and examples from the sports world to bolster learning retention among Pre-K to 12th grade students.
Certain students respond more readily to kinesthetic learning and retain material better from lessons in which they are active and moving. Our programs favor these learning preferences with fun, interactive lessons.
“Learners with kinesthetic preferences require whole body movement and real life experience to absorb and retain material to be learned. These people learn most easily when they are totally involved. Acting, puppetry, and drama are excellent examples of kinesthetic learning; others include building, esports, designing, visiting, interviewing, and playing”.

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The Importance of Learning Styles.
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Booking Education Programs

We are ready to come to you! Our dynamic teachers, tools and lessons will enhance your teaching goals.

Contact and Program Booking:

To book a program or for more information, call Elaina Kirk at 757-800-1555 or email kirke@vasportshof.com. In your email, please include your name, school/group name, contact number, requested program and date as well as number of students. Include “Education Reservation” in the subject line.





Education Program Outreach Costs:
Program Type Number of Students per Session Costs
Pre-K Programs

For 3 & 4 year olds only

Max of 15 students $125 for the first two sessions

Minimum of two sessions required

$50 for each additional program

Individual Grade Level Education Programs Max of 30 students (1 class) $120 for single program

$100 per program for mulitple programs

Math Day Min of 60 students (1 session)

Min of 80 students

$4 per student

Minimum 2 sessions

Education Events N/A $125 for first hour

$50 for each additional 30 minutes

$15 per hour for additional staff

Traveling Trunk


N/A $35 for two week rental

$10 drop off (optional service)

$10 pickup fee (optional service)

$50 security deposit (refundable)

Travel Fee Up to 2 hours away for single day programs

Overnight accommodations are required outside two hours of travel

FREE for Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Poquoson, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach

$.57 per mile (round trip) outside listed cities

Technology and Space Requirements:

All individual programs, except “Move it, Move It and Learn It”, have a presentation as part of the program and will require a projector/screen set up for the program presentation. Projection set up may be a Promethean board, Smartboard, or a projector and screen. Depending on the program, Internet access and sound capability will be needed also. Don’t have any of these? No problem! Just let us know when booking, so we can bring equipment with us. Please also note the space requirements for each program under the descriptions to select the perfect program fit for you.

The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame  is proud to offer grant opportunities, in the Hampton Roads community, for the 2018-19 academic year.

Active Learning Grant

Sponsored by the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Education Foundation

Our goal is to have 100 students a day actively learning one of our education programs until the end of the school year! All schools are eligible to apply for the Active Learning Grant. The Active Learning Grant funding can be used to discount or cover the cost of an outreach education experience or a Math in Motion program for students that receive free and reduced lunch. Please click here for the 2018-2019 Active Learning Grant Application.

All Grant Applications must be completed either online, or faxed to 757-793-2482 or e-mailed to kirke@VaSportsHOF.com.

Pre-K programs

Pre-K programs and rates are for students who are 3 and 4 years old. A minimum of two programs must be booked per day/location, with a maximum of 15 students in each session. Teachers and assistants must be present and able to help during the entire program.

Kindergarten & 2nd Grade Programs

Hear, smell, touch, see and taste the sights, smells and sounds of a football game. Your students will review each of the senses and how they help us navigate a football game. They will then put all five to use while trying to guess what mystery stadium snack is hidden in the mystery box.

3rd - 5th Grade Programs

Simple machines help make work easier, even at your Saturday morning soccer game. Let us open your students’ eyes to how they are using simple machines when playing and watching sports. This program reviews simple and compound machines and also tests your students’ simple six skills with our “Simple Says” activity and competition.

Middle School Programs (6th-8th Grade)

Students will review the three laws of motion and demonstrate each of the laws and how they are used in sports. Students will then be asked to use the laws of motion and other key concepts to create a race track (with a few obstacles) for a marble. The challenge is not just building a successful race track, but it’s also learning to work together and sharing ideas as a group…. Being a team!

Specialty Programs: - Traveling Trunks: NEW for 2017-2018!

Our new traveling trucks bring a museum experience directly to your classroom! Our trunk is filled with artifacts, literature, photos, and activities for each of the influential people highlighted. The trunks are available for a two week rental, and drop off/pick up services are available (at an additional cost). See Page 3 for cost details.

Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Math in Motion

$4 per student | 3rd-5th Grades ONLY 1 hour + 15 minute sessions Minimum two sessions with minimum of 60 students in each session