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Force in Sports
Science SOL 4.2, 6.2, PH.1, PH.5, PH.6

Without force and motion concepts, sports would be really boring. We show students how motion and energy play a role in the sports world. Students will apply those concepts to help build a prototype catapult to launch T-shirts into the crowd for a half-time show. Through trial and error, students will test their devices and see the key components that affect distance and accuracy.
Program Space Requirements: Classroom
The Dirt on Sports
Science SOL 4.1, 4.9
Agronomy is the science of soil management and crop production and a pretty awesome career in the sports world. The people who do this are not a player or coach, instead they design and maintain the lush greens of a golf course. The VSHF is on a mission to expose students to STEM careers in sports. This program scratches the surface of the science of a lucrative career in soil management with plant classification, pH soil testing, soil drainage and the important impact this career has on the sport of golf.
Program Space Requirements:
Classroom with desks in groups or science lab

A Matter of Fact
Science SOL 5.4
“Prop” Ernie Matter, Virginia’s hottest new race car driver, has a problem. His pit coach and head mechanic are arguing over which of the three states of matter is most important. Students will help settle the dispute by conducting a series of tests and experiments about the properties of matter to sort through their disagreement. After settling the dispute the students will be challenged physically and mentally with our “Molecule Madness” puzzle game.
Program Space Requirements:
Character Development
Hall of Famer in Training
PE SOL 4.4, 5.4
Your students are our future Hall of Famers! As Hall of Famers in training, students will discover the importance of respect, honesty, and listening skills. They will explore how to be a team player in and out of the classroom with cooperative games and activities requiring your student to demonstrate and implement each principle.
Program Space Requirements:
Small open area needed for activities

Math Academy: 4th & 5th Grade

We like to Move It, Move It and Learn It: Math!
Math SOL 4.1a, 4.2b, 4.2c, 4.4a, 4.10, 4.11, 4.12, 5.1, 5.2a, 5.12, 5.13a, 5.17
Students will definitely “move it, move it” with this high energy program. They will “learn it” when they apply math skills learned in your classroom to our games and activities. Imagine joining PE and math class, and you have this program! Math concepts and skills include geometric figures and angles, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, simplifying fractions, comparing fractions, mean, median mode and range. You can customize this program! Choose the activities, or we can choose for you! Call us for more information.
Program Space Requirements:
Large open spaces such as gymnasiums or activity rooms the size of half gyms

Recruiter Math
Math SOL 4.3d, 5.2
Who will make the cut? VCU Basketball is recruiting new players. Recruiter Math shows how fractions are used in basketball, and students analyze their own skills when we hold a try out.
Fourth graders will review equivalent fractions with help from the “Study Jams!” crew and work on simplifying fractions.
Fifth graders will also review how to transform fractions into decimals. Using a graph to analyze their classes’ performance, your students will get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a coach selecting a team of All-Stars!
Program Space Requirements: Classroom

Mean Skill
Math SOL 5.17a, 5.17b, 5.17c, 5.17d, 6.11a, 6.11b
Batting average, free throw percentage, yards per offensive play: this program demonstrates the importance of statistics and math in sports. Students will work in teams to create data with a skills challenge. Teams will determine their “stats” using mean, median, mode, and range before graphing their results and ultimately finding out, which team will have the “mean”est skill?
Program Space Requirements:
Small, open area needed for activities
See Page 10 for information about our 4th and 5th grade Math Day program.

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